EST. 1992


Area51 operates Adelaide's longest running non-profit LAN party. LAN Parties are run every few months under the name of LANTastic and are open to anyone over the age of 18.

LANTastic caters for adult gamers looking for fun, friendly LAN parties, free from hoards of unaccompanied minors, adolescent distractions. Parties are casual and informal, permitting responsible drinking. No tickets or reserved seating, just rock up and grab a seat.

Parties are held at the Glenelg North Community Hall, which is centrally located on the corner of Kibby avenue and Alison street (reserve) Glenelg North. The venue comprises of two large halls with off street parking, kitchens, toilets and enough tables and seating to host 100+ people. Other conveniences and fast food are within 2 minutes drive.

Parties generally start at 2pm and run till late. Entry is typically $15 and includes the use of power / data cabling and access to all LAN services (including NBN unlimited Internet) provided by the organisers.


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